A Social Society

I get by with a little help from my friends, plus my Keurig, my laptop and Google. I am a Millennial. Technology and I grew up together. As a toddler, I can remember waking up every morning and rushing to the television, where my Mom would put on Barney as my twin brother and I ate breakfast. I remember getting my first Gameboy when I was six and my first cell phone when I was ten. Texting was popularized when I was in seventh grade, and I vividly remember being grounded for going over on minutes. In high school, I got my first smart phone. This is also when I made my Facebook account. Now, I sit here in my one bedroom apartment in the middle of downtown Chicago, Netflix playing on the television behind me, my iPhone in my lap, and I wonder how people survived before Google Maps and microwave dinners.

Being the second week of January, a new year has just begun, and I cannot think of a better time to plunge into the world of blogging. I am going to start this blog out with a bit of brutal honesty. I have fallen prey to many of the lies set forth by the media. Being constantly plugged in, I have seen my self-confidence wax and wane with the number of “likes” my post receives. I have attempted to emulate the bodies of the celebrities I see on television. I have texted through an entire dinner, without speaking a single word to my family. I cannot, however, imagine a world without the conveniences of technology. So I must wonder, is new media actually holding me hostage? Is society entranced by the spell of technology? What role do our gadgets play in constructing reality?

My posts will be dedicated to the impacts of media on society. I will be exploring issues related to mental and physical health, family life, friends, and careers. Communication is a beautiful thing. It is also immensely powerful. Hopefully, I’ll learn a thing or two about how I can use new media to set me apart, rather than hold me back!


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